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  • 2022-10-29
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Steel strand is indispensable for a solid building

In our life, more and more steel wire products are used. The common steel wire products are steel wire ropes, which are used in all walks of life. We can see that people often use steel wire for traction during car rescue; In the use of the elevator, with the help of the traction of the wire rope, the elevator realizes up and down reciprocating motion. Steel wire products are indispensable in our life. The steel wire products introduced below are different from steel wire ropes. They are mainly used in China's construction industry.
The steel strands of various properties provided by the steel strand manufacturers are also steel wires. However, the number of steel wires used varies with the application scope of steel strands. In addition, when the steel strand manufacturers make products, they choose high-quality carbon steel, which has a long service life and good steel stretching performance. The performance of steel strand formed by mechanical stranding is greatly improved.
The products produced by the steel manufacturers in the strand factory are mostly used in various classifications such as prestressed steel strand and galvanized steel strand. Different classifications of steel strand have different properties and characteristics. However, the most commonly used steel strand is prestressed steel strand or galvanized steel strand, and the others are not long used. In addition, the steel wire of the steel strand is coated with an anti-corrosion coating, which has a good anti-corrosion effect. This kind of steel strand will be divided into single wire and stranded wire when it is manufactured. However, most steel strands are manufactured with stranded wire. If it is necessary to galvanize, it is OK to heat or galvanize the monofilament. In addition, most products of prestressed steel strand are finally tied to the I-shaped wheel, and then can be sold to the construction site. However, the stretching of steel strand is strictly controlled, and most of them are wrapped by anchors like jacks, and the stretching length cannot be directly measured.