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  • 2022-10-28
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What is anchorage? How many types are there?

Anchorage refers to the permanent anchorage device used in prestressed concrete. It is an anchorage tool used in post tensioned structures or members to maintain the tension of prestressed tendons and transfer it to the concrete, also known as prestressed anchorage.
Anchorage can be divided into two categories according to the type of use:
(a) : An anchorage tool installed at the end of the prestressed reinforcement and capable of maintaining the anchorage status of the prestressed reinforcement throughout the tensioning process of the prestressed reinforcement.
According to the different anchoring types, the tensioning end anchorage devices can also be divided into: clip type anchorage devices (YJM) for tensioning prestressed steel strands, steel cone anchors (GZM) for tensioning high-strength steel wires, pier head anchors (DM) for tensioning high-strength steel wires after heading, nuts (YGM) for tensioning fine rolled deformed steel bars, cold cast heading anchors (LZM) for tensioning multi strand parallel wire bundles, etc.
(b) Anchorage at fixed end: Anchorage installed at the end of prestressed tendon, usually embedded in concrete and not used for tensioning, also known as squeeze anchor or P-anchor.
The latest standards of anchorage devices for prestressed tendons are: anchorage devices, clamps and connectors for prestressed tendons of the People's Republic of China (GB/T 14370-2015), and anchorage devices, clamps and connectors for prestressed tendons of the Ministry of Railways (TB/T3193-2016).
Its application fields include: highway bridges, railway bridges, urban overpasses, urban light rail, high-rise buildings, water conservancy and hydropower dams, ports and wharves, rock slope protection and anchorage, foundation reinforcement, tunnel roof anchor top, prestressed grid, subway, large buildings, warehouses and workshops, tower buildings, heavy lifting, sliding film intermittent propulsion, bridge and tunnel jacking, large containers and ships, sleepers, replacement of bridge bearings, bridge and building reinforcement Reinforcement works, antimagnetic and anti-corrosion works (fiber anchorage), carbon fiber reinforcement, pre tensioned beam field construction, external prestressing works, stay cables, suspension cables, etc.